• Numpy, short for numerical python.
  • It is a fundamental package for scientific computing in python.
  • It provides powerful capabilities to work with numerical data efficiently and is widely used in data analysis, machine learning, and scientific research.

Need of Numpy

  • Python performs basic mathematical operations. But in data science, machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence require complex mathematical operations like:
    • Creation of arrays.
    • Perform several operations on those arrays.
    • Integral calculus operations.
    • Differential equations.
    • Statistics related operations.
  • These type of operations are perform using numpy.
  • Numpy is the backbone of remaining libraries like pandas, matplotlib, sklearn …etc.


  • It is the fundamental python library to perform complex numerical operations.
  • It is developed on top of numeric library in 2005.
  • It is developed by travis oliphant and multiples contributors.
  • It is freeware and open source library.
  • It is written in C and python. Most of numpy is written in C, So performance-wise numpy is the best.
  • Because of high speed, numpy is best choice for ML algorithms than traditional python’s in-built data structures like list.

Features of Numpy

  • Superfast because most of numpy is written in C language.
  • Numpy array are basic data structure in numpy.
  • It is the backbone for remaining libraries like pandas, scikit-learn etc.
  • Numpy has vectorization feature which improves performance while iterating elements.

Application Areas of Numpy

  • To perform linear algebra functions.
  • To perform linear regression.
  • To preform logistic regression.
  • In deep neural networks.
  • K-means clustering.
  • Control systems.
  • Operational research.

Installing numpy module

  • To install latest version.
pip install numpy
  • To install particular version of numpy.
pip install numpy==1.20.0


When we install anaconda python. Then there is no need to install numpy explicitly. Numpy module is implicitly installed along with anaconda python.


  • Write python code to check install version of numpy.
# Check the version of Numpy installed
import numpy as np



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