Visualisations – Some Examples

In this segment, you’ll be looking at some real-life examples of how data visualisation can help you derive insights out of data very quickly.


You saw how data visualisation can improve data density and improve the amount of information being conveyed. Just imagine how difficult it would be to interpret a spreadsheet with the score of each inning of each batsman being recorded along with his strike rate. In this case, data visualisation can help you figure out many insights just by looking at the plot. You can see the visualisation below.

You can also play around with the visualisation here.

Now, let’s see another example of where data visualisation can help you derive industry-relevant insights.

You saw how a treemap diagram showed how multiple companies and sectors react to the budget. You can find the interactive graph here.

An important point to remember is that visualisations should be accompanied by a voice or text narrative if possible – it improves the experience of the user drastically. 

Next, let’s see how visualisation can help in visual exploratory analytics. Here, you will see how data visualisation helped in understanding the connections between different software and clustering them together based on common features. You can find the visual here.

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