Star Schema

In the previous segment, you learnt about facts and dimensions, which are the two key elements of dimension modelling. Now, a typical problem might involve multiple databases with many different variables, but we may not be interested in all of them. Hence, only some facts and dimensions are combined in a specific manner to build the structure of a data warehouse, called a schema diagram. 

A schema is anoutline of the entire data warehouse. It shows how different data sets are connected and how the different attributes of each data set are used for the data warehouse.

In the upcoming video, you will see an example of how an e-commerce company can design a data warehouse.

So, in the video, you learnt about star schema. Although there are other types of schemas available for a data warehouse, the star schema is the most widely used. You can visit the link provided under Additional Reference to learn more about the different types of schemas.

Additional Reference:

Click Data Warehouse Dimensional Modelling (Types of Schemas) to learn more about the different types of schemas.

In the next segment, you will learn about OLTP and OLAP system.

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