Industry Demonstration-1


In the previous sessions, you learnt about the basic concepts of hypothesis testing and learnt how to statistically test the inferences made from inferential statistics or the insights generated during EDA. You learnt how to formulate the hypotheses and then make a decision through either the critical value method or the p-value method.

In this session

You will learn how hypothesis testing is used in the industry and how the basic concepts learnt in the previous session can help you in solving industry problems. Let’s hear from Rahim as he introduces this session

Guidelines for in-module questions

The in-video and in-content questions for this module are not graded. Note that graded questions are given on a separate page labelled ‘Graded Questions’ at the end of this session. The questions in this session will adhere to the following guidelines:

First Attempt MarksSecond Attempt Marks
with 2 Attempts
with 1 AttemptĀ 

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