Hypothesis Formulation

In this segment, you’ll learn how to formulate the null and the alternate hypothesis from the given claim.

Note: In the above the SME mentions HA which is nothing but H1as we have learned so far.

So, the given claim would yield the following null and alternate hypotheses



On the basis of the above hypothesis statements, we’ll be testing the significance of the results obtained from the sample. Now with that in place, let’s go and check what data we’ve collected.

As explained, the dataset in the given experiment is summarised in the following table.

Now you must be thinking, we can go ahead and conduct the hypothesis test directly on the given data. But think about it for a while. Which data exactly are you going to test the hypotheses on? Is it the CTR of one day, one week or multiple days? Since the data is varying a lot across all the days, how do we ensure that the sample is a random representative one? Let’s go to the next segment and find it out.

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