Bivariate and Multivariate Analysis


Welcome to the session on ‘Bivariate and Multivariate Analysis’.

So far, you have learnt how to preprocess and clean data, and then you performed a univariate analysis on the bank marketing dataset. A univariate analysis includes the analysis of individual categorical variables like job, education, response, marital status, etc. It also explains the concept of outliers, and mean, median or mode of numerical variables such as salary, balance and age.

Now, consider the following graph, which plots the ‘Response’ and the ‘Salary’ columns from the bank marketing dataset. You have already plotted this graph in the previous segments. Although the median , maximum and minimum values are the same, customers with a higher salary range show interest in opening term deposit accounts with the bank. This is nothing but a bivariate analysis, that is, the analysis of two variables/columns in the data set.

In this session 

In this session, you will learn how to analyse two or more variables at a time. You will also observe and draw better inferences on the types of customers that are showing interest in opening term deposit accounts with the bank. This will give you better insights and understanding of how to conduct effective marketing campaigns in the future.

You have already learnt about the types of variables, that is, categorical and numeric variables, in the previous sessions. This session has been divided into the following topics based on the different types of variables

  • Analysis Between Two Numeric Variables
  • Analysis Between Numeric and Categorical Variables
  • Correlation Versus Causation
  • Analysis Between Two Categorical Variables
  • Multivariate Analysis

Guidelines for in-module questions

The in-video and in-content questions for this module are not graded. Note that graded questions are given on a separate page labelled ‘Graded Questions’ at the end of each session. The graded questions in these sessions will adhere to the following guidelines:

First Attempt Marks
Second Attempt Marks
Question with 2 Attempts10
Question with 1 Attempt100

People you will hear from in this session

Subject Matter Expert

Mirza Rahim Baig

Analytics Lead, Flipkart

Flipkart is one of the leading e-commerce companies in India. It started with selling books and has now expanded its business to almost every product category, including consumer electronics, fashion and lifestyle products. Rahim is currently the Analytics Lead at Flipkart. He holds a graduate degree from BITS Pilani, a premier educational institute in India.

Subject Matter Expert

Anand S

CEO, Gramener

Gramener is one of the most prominent data analytics and visualisation companies in India. Anand, currently the CEO, was previously the Chief Data Scientist at Gramener and also has extensive experience in management consulting and equity research.

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